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About Us
In 1996 LBP Enterprises purchased a dealership license from Hefty Publishing Company to sell their patented
Create-A-Book, Inc. Since then LBP Enterprises has sold the books at craft shows at middle and high schools, recreation centers, churches and at the African American Book Club Summit (AABCS) cruise. LBP Enterprises sponsored the give-a-book program by donating 40 books from various titles to an elementary school library, using
the teachers, principals and the staff as the characters.

The CEO of LBP Enterprises frequently travels to many states, attending events and establishing relationships
with businesses, organizations and authors, receiving their input on how marketing of the childrens personalized
books will help promote literacy in the Literary World community. For 2007, LBP Enterprises will be offering
discounts, special book offers, upcoming releases and advertising for businesses, organizations and authors, as well
as fundraisers and online book parties.

As we continue to support literacy through our Childrens Personalized Books and at our Literary World website, we encourage you to also help promote literacy by putting in the hands of a child a story that is created especially for

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