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Baby's Birth (36 Pages)
Hard cover (6 3/4 by 8 1/4)

This treasured keepsake records the story of your child's birth.

Choose the version most suitable for your baby (Standard, Single Mother, Adopted, Christian, Jewish, Preemie or Twins)

My Easter Pageant
April 8, 2007

Your child learns why Easter is celebrated. Your child plays the role of Peter in the Easter Pageant.

My Ballerina Princess

The Ballerina Princess is a very charming and well illustrated book. Your child will practice her ballet moves as shown in the book, and will get ready for the final recital. When the visiting professional ballerina gets the flu, your child plays the lead role.

Ethnic or Caucasian illustrated version.

The Sports Book

Fair play and sportsmanship are promoted in all of our personalized sports books. Your child will experience the emotional ups and downs of sports play in each action packed story

Choose your sport.

My Dinosaur Adventure
Your child gets to experience this Jurassic tale about meeting a huge Stegosaurus, an Apotasaurus and even a family of Pterodactyls. It's a delightful book for young paleontologists everywhere!

My Navy Adventure
A helicopter take your child to the ship for a fun adventure. Your child will get to experience a lot of fun on the ship with the Navy Blue Angels, and gets to steer the ship into the pier.

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Baby's Birth

My School Fun Book

God's Special Gift to Me

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